March 2012

March 29

Tsvetnoy awards

Tsvetnoy awards

Winner – EuroShop Retail Design Award: Best Store Concept of 2011 Year in Europe.

Winner – Best Of Year (BOY) Interior Design Magazine New York: Best Interior Design of a Retail Store 2011.

Winner – SBID Society of British Interior Design: Best International Interior Design 2011.

Winner – The Village Online Magazine Russia: Best Shopping Destination in Moscow as voted by online readers.

Winner – Best Store of the Year.

Special Award – Association Of Russian Shopping Centers: Special Award for the most Outstanding Store created in Russia.

Selected – Venice Biennale: Selected to be shown at the Russian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale.

Finalist – Oracle World Retail Awards: Store Design Of The Year.

Finalist – Global RLI (Retail & Leisure Magazine) Awards: International Retail & Leisure Destination Of The Year 2011.

Finalist – WAN (World Architecture News) Awards: Retail Interiors Award 2011.

Finalist – Retail Week Awards: Best International Interior Design.

Winner – The best employer Company 2011 according to the portal

March 16

"Colour IN" Tsvetnoy

"Colour IN" Tsvetnoy

Spring 2012 brings "Coulour IN" Tsvetnoy! Colour will fill Tsvetnoy like green leaves and flowers will fill the city.

"Colour IN" exhibition by contemporary artists Oleg and Olga Tatarintsev will take place at Tsvetnoy from March 23 to April 18. 3 art objects will be placed in the Atrium: "Location 1322", "Pillars", "Shape of sound". A series of paintings "Sound" will be exhibited in the elevator zone.

The public-art conception including installations and exhibitions into urban atmosphere and up-beat places) meets the will of Tsvetnoy to turn your every visit into an amazing journey and yourself - into a discoverer.

Oleg and Olga Tatarintsev are these rare artists who keep classic features in their art objects. It's a new sculpture, which left the XX century but is still the same. It's not always abstract, however, at some moments it seemed as the artists literally worshiped Cezannes precept that everything consists of a cube, a sphere and a сone. Its novelty is not about minimalism, pretending to be avant-garde, let alone edginess - it is about informational concentration: the question of the part and the whole, structure and chaos, free development of element and obeying the strict intention, repeating identical segments. The spirit of time consists in combining simple shapes and simple numbers in binary opposition, which everything is made of nowadays. The art objects by Tatarintsevi in this sense are precise and unconditional as economical charts, as standard industrial modules, as everyday urban rhythms. But, unlike the things listed above, - the art objects are clearly metaphoric and convincing like poems and song lines which add up perfectly.

March 19

Trends Brands pop-up exhibition

Trends Brands pop-up exhibition

To make beggining of the new week happier, Trends Brands will host a pop-up exhibition with Bang!Bang! illustrators. Tonight at 7PM TrendsBrands space on the -1st floor of Tsvetnopy will be decorated with Pictures from Bang!Bang!, all guests will be treated with wine to garanyee great mood.