September 2011

September 5

Art Haven

Art Haven

Main program and headliners of Sretenka Design Week 2011 festival.

Let's get started: Tsvetnoy Central Market welcomes to accommodate first contemporary art objects created by modern artists, participants of Sretenka Design Week 2011. The Festival official opening date is the 8th of October, it will cover the whole Tsvetnoy Boulevard and nearby side-streets with various installations and activities. This year Tcsvetnoy Central Market become the main indoor exhibition space. Irina Zhuravleva, the curator of the festival, reveals the official program and why we shouldn’t miss it.

Last year SRETENKA DESIGN WEEK had no limits neither with location nor with quality of exhibition spaces coming into various galleries, cafes, shops and even parks and side-streets. This year the main indoor exhibition space is Tsvetnoy Central Market. Why? Because it’s fashion-forward, favorable and trendy?

Yes. You’re absolutely right. Last year the quality of many exhibition spaces wasn’t high enough to host the kind of art & design festival we wanted to create. The idea was brilliant – to turn a whole area into a single creative space united by art, design, colors and events. And generally we managed to do that. But this year we chose Tsvetnoy Central Market – a wonderful location, which could be nothing but the main exhibition space. This place is 100% relevant to our goals and ideas to bring beauty to people showing the synergy of art, design and architecture within a simple frame of separate installations and exhibitions.

This year the headliner of the festival is Matt W. Moore. Why? What to expect from that artist and designer? And who are other participants?

Matt W. Moore is the founder of MWM Graphics, world famous illustrator and designer whose creative roots run deep into the street culture. By now Matt had collaborated with such world famous brands as Ray-Ban, Coca-Cola, Nike, Burton, Adidas, Atomic Sky, Mazda, The Guardian, Vodafone, Wired and many others.

He created a unique blend of art, design and street culture. And actually this is the key factor of the festival: to unite art, design, architecture and street encouraging people to be a part of the festival, running public-art activities, performing in urban environment and busy districs of the city.

Our initial idea was to bring Matt’s existing art objects, but then we decided to invite the artist for a residence stay in Moscow, so he could create something completely new.

And that turned out to be a success. First of all, Matt had never before worked with 3-D objects - literally we are going to make his dreams come true. He took part in various festivals all around the world: in France, Spain, Brazil, Canada, Italy, but never before he painted 3-D objects.

What makes it even more exiting is the fact that he is going to do it in on-line mode, which means that everybody will be able to see the work in progress. On one hand it’s going to be a great show, but on the other a unique and important experience for Matt himself. After the festival these art-peaces will be exhibited in store.

As well before his departure Matt W. Moore wants to make a special present to the city (Moscow). He is going to create a significant graffiti peace on the wall not far from Tsvetnoy Boulevard.
Speaking about other participants of the festival: Rebecca Ward, American artist, will create an installation next to lift hall. As well some Russian famous graphic designers and poster artists will participate in the festival.

And would we meet Matt himself?
Certainly! He will paint the 3-D objects just in front of the entrance to the store, so that everybody who would like to join and others who passes by will be able to see the famous American illustrator, designer and street-artist at work. He is going to paint the objects during 7 days, then part of them will move inside the store and another part will remain outside. As well Matt will hold several lectures.

And what if the guests of the festival would like to buy art works, will they have that kind of opportunity?
Sure! Artworks created by Matt W. Moore during his residence stay in Moscow will be displayed in a special area on the ground floor. Those can be purchased during the festival, but will have to remain inside the exhibition space till the end of SDW. The unsold artworks will become lots on a charity auction which will be held preliminary on the 16th of October, the closing date of the festival.

Would it be possible to communicate with artists?
Definitely! During the festival various lectures and master-classes will be held. SDW is a very opened and public friendly event, which tends to involve as many people in its activities as possible. We want to share high-quality design, art and public-art projects with citizens - so is the philosophy of the festival.

An advice for those who don’t want to miss something special, what is your tip for save-the-date?
The festival lasts for 9 days: from the 8th till the 16th of October, with official opening ceremony on the 7th. During this period anyone will be able to see various installations on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, at Tsvetnoy Central Market and inside PirOGi on Sretenka.

Speaking about the events, my advice to attend lectures held by Matt W. Moore and those by Danish and Swedish designers. But it is still up to the visitor to decide whether to see the installations or to take part in any of the festival’s activities. Food Design Show featuring our special guest Marije Vogelzang, food-designer from Holland, is definitely something special and very unusual for the city. The opening ceremony and the auction at the closing date will be highly attended events. But still I believe that anyways the best option is to see everything!