December 15

Modern Art Exhibition “Labour and Consumption”

Modern Art Exhibition “Labour and Consumption”

Late last year right after the store opening, the life of Tsvetnoy Central Market as the most unusual art ground in the city has begun. The forth floor temporary exhibition of modern art curated by Elena Bakanova and Evgeny Mitta united seven objects of different artists on the theme of “and Consumption.”
The mission statement of Electrobutiqueof Alexy Shulgin and Aristarkh Chernyshev, the most bright representatives of Russian media-art, became the reflection of the market and consumption theme. The most typical work of the authors of the exhibition is the object “Poetic economy” – a travelling line converting the first lines of Pushkin poem “A Magic Moment I Remember” ,into exchange indices. Famous Russian artist Irina Korinaworks in the same genre.She attempts to describe Russian realities through creating paradoxic absurd objects for unknown purpose from cheap structural and finishing materials related to the post-Soviet environment. The Russian metaphor of 90-s – a chaotic construction of various objects from market to aesthetics devoid of traditions and sensible action. The exposition saw the work “:)” a giant paper weight resembling a cottage for dwarves which may be used as a cable extender. A brilliant Kiev artist Zhanna Kadyrova in sculpture, oil painting installation. Her art works also should be interpreted via material and form being in paradox conflict. Taking ceramic tiles and cement, she creates monuments to ordinary household things by using out of context and purpose materials. The work “Pack” is a monument to the garbage pack, a monument to utilization and waste produced by people. The name of the Recycle group,group of talented new wave artists offers the general line of their activity towards the global problem of object and cultural overproduction and ecology in the sense of the artist’s work in the topical cultural context. Their double sculpture named “Slave” thermal-formed out of the construction plastic grid, is a hollow and transparent replica of the Michelangelo chef-d-oeuvre. Yang artist Ivan Brazhkinworks in different media from video to graphics. His exhibited series of graphic works is a game structural study, improvisation on the children’s song “What are girls made of…”. These are six portraits – from collective images of Bourgeois And Worker to the named but symbolic pop-culture heroes of Keanu Reeves, Justin Timberlake, Vin Diesel, Twiggy and others. Again, there appears a theme of overspreading brands or signs shaping the image of media reality. Young artist Olga Treivas,having a degree in architecture, applies her professional knowledge in the sphere of actual art. Her mini-architectural Chapel found its place in the space. The author describes her work as a fast-mounted chapel from available non-structural materials (3-liter glass jar) used as a structural module while, actually, it is a tare for storage or being filled with anything – this is the absurd metaphor of our reality. Sasha Frolovais a young artist focusing on performance design, objects, sculpture and photography. The author’s object named “Lyubolet” was a big inflated latex sculpture reflecting the overworked samples of pop-culture and naïve game futurism. It unites a charm of Avatar, an encasement created based on the pop-culture laws of attractiveness and a vehicle able to move the spectator to the undiscovered worlds. It is noteworthy that the objects of the installation “Labour and Consumption”, the metaphors of humanism crisis and modern society attracted close attention of visitors of Tsvetnoy Central Market attending the exhibition during several months.

March 15

Moving Crystals

Spring passed under art of light. Inspired by concept and architecture of the building WHITEvoid, Berlin-based art group, created the very special kinetic lighting installation which was exhibited in the atrium area of the store.
WHITEvoid is a group of artists who successfully combine art, design and up-to-date technologies in their projects. Many times they became laureates of various international awards in the sphere of modern design. Their installations were exhibited in many worldwide known museums like George Pompidou Center in Paris and famous “Freeze!” art-exhibition in London.
WHITEvoid group created an installation made of forty nine giant lighting crystals. Their shape and position in the atrium space were a replicar to the stone facades of the building – their regular elongated diamond shape was twisted almost invisibly in the center providing the crystal with an extra illusion of movement. Using new and progressive electronic technologies WHITEvoid insouled the installation and the whole atrium with its cosmic movements and lighting. Crystals changed their cold color from white, light blue to light green and deep lilac. Floating in it's fanciful tracking during the day the installation changed its mode for the night. Crystals tailed away for a while stopping in their tracks for a while and suddenly starting their movement again slightly twinkling and fluttering. A baby breath, slow and irregular sometimes, was artists inspiration for that fascinating night performance.
Whether the installation hovered like a bird or stopped for a while, moved smoothly and wavy or suddenly dropped down and got on the top, its show was definitely something outstanding and inspiring, giving a positive impulse and touch of color for the spring.

May 1

"The Scents of Black Material by Robert Knoke & Six Scents parfumes" Exhibition

"The Scents of Black Material by Robert Knoke & Six Scents parfumes" Exhibition

Following the New Museum in New-York a sensational exhibition "The Scents of Black Material by Robert Knoke & Six Scents parfumes" moved to Moscow. Its creator Robert Knoke, a German artist, has chosen our capital as a center of new ideas and fashionable trends, and Tsvetnoy Central Market as a showground – a place of their highest concentration.
Robert Knoke has become an inspirer of a sensational experiment called "The Scents of Black Material", which combines visual and sensory perception of reality. Multi-media exhibition is a combination of paintings, video installations and concurrently a presentation of collection of rare fragrances allow feeling the "black material" concept as a uniting force, a new and inspiring onset.
Thus, portraits of the existing "icons" of the fashion world, world culture and fashion industry main influencers, were exhibited at Tsvetnoy Central Market: Rick Owens, Bernhard Willhelm, Patti Smith, Marc Jacobs, Gareth Pugh, Damir Doma, Casey Spooner, Terence Koh, The Misshapes, Walter Van Beirendonck, Ohne Titel, Rad Hourani and Mary Katrantzou. These unusual Knoke's black and white paintings formed the basis of 3 Deep Design «Black Material», the first book of the project, which became a real example of visionary art and fashionable rarity. Besides Knoke's portraits, the book includes essays and interviews with Casey Spooner, Tim Goosens and Julia Meier. Every book (240 pages) contains a CD-disk with music from Spencer Product, 14 movies devoted to new interactive artists and a limited series T-shirt with portraits of fashion icons by Robert Knoke.
Presentation of Six Scents: Series Three, a collection of rare fragrances, was a part of exhibition project. In addition to its annual limited collection of parfume, Six Scents unisex brand created the third series together with the creators from the fashion world. Designers Alexis Mabille, Mary Katrantzou, Junn.J, Rad Hourani, N.Hoolywood and Ohne Titel together with perfumers from Givaudan, an oldest Swiss company, looked for new olfacty notes to express their memories from childhood, adolescent feelings and experience of first affection.
Every package of Six Scents: Series Three perfume comprises a bottle with serial number, an exclusive portrait of the fragrance designer performed by Robert Knoke and DVD with a short documentary film about the collection taken by fashion-bloggers Tavi Gevinson and Julia Restoin-Roitfeld. Every fragrance has a limited issue of 3,000 bottles. A part of sales revenue is transferred to War Child International, a charity organization dealing with children problems.

April 15

Vivienne Westwood Shoes An Exhibition 1973-2011

“Shoes must have very high heels and platforms to put women’s beauty on a pedestal,” insists Vivienne Westwood who has always followed this credo in her work. Those who even once attended a fashion show of that British designer know that the footwear for the mother of punk and keeper of courtly traditions in the fashion – a real fetish. This statement was clearly developed at Vivienne Westwood Shoes An Exhibition 1973-2011, opened for two weeks at 4th level of the store. Outstanding range of shoes was first shown in London and had an overwhelming success. Inspired by the public interest, Vivienne decided to go for a worldwide road show of that unique collection. Tsvetnoy Central Market had an honor to become the first target destination in world tour, presenting 200 pairs of footwear for catwalks – the most significant uncompromising works of Vivienne Westwood for 40 years of creative work.
The design of shoes reflects the influence of historic styles, various social and cultural phenomena in an artistic interpretation. Say, the Toile 1996 Print Boot collection of inspired by the Netherlands ceramics of XVI century. Another collection of the same year, Trompe l’Oeil Boot, has a trace of dandyism of the Victorian age. British colonialism found its expression in 1999 Sahara Plimsoll collection. 15.5 cm heels of Mary Janes shoes from Erotic Zones collection, which is an ode to sadomasochism and fetishism are backed by the ‘nurse’ image created for the podium by Westwood. Her footwear caused the most anecdotal situations in the fashion world: in 1993, even Naomi Campbell fallen down from the vertiginous height of Super Elevated Gillie. Other models also became landmark ones thanks to their successful design: the Rocking Horse model became the object of desire for collectors since the day of its presentation in 1986, and legendary Pirate Boots, which appeared al long as in 1981, are still popular.
Fashion journalists who joined us at a great opening party and Tsvetnoy visitors could see that the Vivienne Westwood footwear is anything but not ordinary! It is not only an accessory but a work of fashion art. It is finely handmade with creative approach and attention to details. As Vivienne Westwood said – the pedestal for the women’s beauty. Certainly, catwalk models are different from the commercial collection, but the latter, too, offers slight impudence which curled over during the exhibition. That is why Vivienne Westwood footwear has been setting the standards of creativity and style being the best sample of British design and still holds the leading positions on the market. And now we know why!