Vivienne Westwood Shoes An Exhibition 1973-2011

“Shoes must have very high heels and platforms to put women’s beauty on a pedestal,” insists Vivienne Westwood who has always followed this credo in her work. Those who even once attended a fashion show of that British designer know that the footwear for the mother of punk and keeper of courtly traditions in the fashion – a real fetish. This statement was clearly developed at Vivienne Westwood Shoes An Exhibition 1973-2011, opened for two weeks at 4th level of the store. Outstanding range of shoes was first shown in London and had an overwhelming success. Inspired by the public interest, Vivienne decided to go for a worldwide road show of that unique collection. Tsvetnoy Central Market had an honor to become the first target destination in world tour, presenting 200 pairs of footwear for catwalks – the most significant uncompromising works of Vivienne Westwood for 40 years of creative work.
The design of shoes reflects the influence of historic styles, various social and cultural phenomena in an artistic interpretation. Say, the Toile 1996 Print Boot collection of inspired by the Netherlands ceramics of XVI century. Another collection of the same year, Trompe l’Oeil Boot, has a trace of dandyism of the Victorian age. British colonialism found its expression in 1999 Sahara Plimsoll collection. 15.5 cm heels of Mary Janes shoes from Erotic Zones collection, which is an ode to sadomasochism and fetishism are backed by the ‘nurse’ image created for the podium by Westwood. Her footwear caused the most anecdotal situations in the fashion world: in 1993, even Naomi Campbell fallen down from the vertiginous height of Super Elevated Gillie. Other models also became landmark ones thanks to their successful design: the Rocking Horse model became the object of desire for collectors since the day of its presentation in 1986, and legendary Pirate Boots, which appeared al long as in 1981, are still popular.
Fashion journalists who joined us at a great opening party and Tsvetnoy visitors could see that the Vivienne Westwood footwear is anything but not ordinary! It is not only an accessory but a work of fashion art. It is finely handmade with creative approach and attention to details. As Vivienne Westwood said – the pedestal for the women’s beauty. Certainly, catwalk models are different from the commercial collection, but the latter, too, offers slight impudence which curled over during the exhibition. That is why Vivienne Westwood footwear has been setting the standards of creativity and style being the best sample of British design and still holds the leading positions on the market. And now we know why!