Moving Crystals

Spring passed under art of light. Inspired by concept and architecture of the building WHITEvoid, Berlin-based art group, created the very special kinetic lighting installation which was exhibited in the atrium area of the store.
WHITEvoid is a group of artists who successfully combine art, design and up-to-date technologies in their projects. Many times they became laureates of various international awards in the sphere of modern design. Their installations were exhibited in many worldwide known museums like George Pompidou Center in Paris and famous “Freeze!” art-exhibition in London.
WHITEvoid group created an installation made of forty nine giant lighting crystals. Their shape and position in the atrium space were a replicar to the stone facades of the building – their regular elongated diamond shape was twisted almost invisibly in the center providing the crystal with an extra illusion of movement. Using new and progressive electronic technologies WHITEvoid insouled the installation and the whole atrium with its cosmic movements and lighting. Crystals changed their cold color from white, light blue to light green and deep lilac. Floating in it's fanciful tracking during the day the installation changed its mode for the night. Crystals tailed away for a while stopping in their tracks for a while and suddenly starting their movement again slightly twinkling and fluttering. A baby breath, slow and irregular sometimes, was artists inspiration for that fascinating night performance.
Whether the installation hovered like a bird or stopped for a while, moved smoothly and wavy or suddenly dropped down and got on the top, its show was definitely something outstanding and inspiring, giving a positive impulse and touch of color for the spring.